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About Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse

Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse (WVL) is a volunteer run, non-profit  organization dedicated to growing the sport of Lacrosse in North Central Washington by providing a centralized administrative function for multiple divisions.  Formed under the rules of 501(c)(3),  WVL has both Bylaws and a Code of Conduct, which are found on this site under Club Policies. 

Under the umbrella of WVL there are currently two divisions:

  • Boys High School Lacrosse (grades 9 - 12)
  • Boys Youth Lacrosse (grades 1 - 8)

WVL provides marketing, direction, and the "how-to" aspects of running a Division or team.  It is then the  responsibility of the Division or team to  implement as they feel would best work for their situation.  The strength of any Division or team under the umbrella of WVL will directly reflect the level of parent volunteer participation.

Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse is excited about the potential growth of the sport in all the NCW Communities.  If you wish to leverage the knowledge and administrative functions of WVL to start your own division or team please contact us.  We are here to help you.  

If you want to learn about the history of the game itself there is plenty of information on the Internet that will tell you more than you should ever want to know about this oldest of North American sports.