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Club Policies

Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization


Player Participation Requirements 
Prior to participation with Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse as a player at any level or capacity, the following requirements must be met:

  • Registered through the Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse on-line registration system
  • Paid member of US Lacrosse (part of registration process) 
  • Full payment received by Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse of Club Dues (part of registration process) 
  • As per the bylaws of both the WHSBLA (Boys High School) and WSLA (Girls High School) organizations, players at the High School level must be registered and active as a student in a High School. Students registered through an Running Start program or registered as a homeschooler in the district are considered as eligible.
  • Medical Release Form on file with the coach.  Players may not participate without a current form on-file
  • Concussion/Head Injury and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Acknowledgement completed and on file with the coach. Players and parents should review the following documents prior to signing the Acknowledgement Form:

Coaching Participation Requirements
All coaches are expected to have a meeting with players and parents before the first practice to discuss their coaching philosophy, plans and expectations for the season. 

Prior to participation with Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse all coaches must meet the following requirements:

  • Registered through the Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse on-line registration system 
  • Paid* member of US Lacrosse (part of registration process) *WVL will reimburse the US Lacrosse fee to the coaches upon request.

Youth level coaches must meet the following requirements:

  • Washington State Patrol Background check completed 
  • At least 1 coach per team has a First Aid/CPR certification* valid through June 1 of the current season **WVL will reimburse the certification fee to the coach upon request 

High School level coaches must also meet the following requirements:

  • First Aid/CPR certification** valid through June 1 of the current season
  •  Complete NFHS course: Concussion in Sports  (every three years)
  • Complete NFHS course: Sudden Cardiac Arrest (every three years)
  • US Lacrosse Level I coaches certification completed or in progress (head coach only). 

Board Participation Requirements
All Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse Board Members should be registered in the Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse Club via this site.  Us Lacrosse membership for board members is not required, but the board members are covered by the US Lacrosse insurance carrier, provided the club players and coaches are all 100% US Lacrosse members.

Policy for Issue Resolution between Parents & Coaches
Over the course of a season, parents may have serious and legitimate questions regarding coaching decisions. If a parent has a significant question or a concern they would like to discuss with their player’s coach, they should follow these guidelines:

  • Do not approach the coach immediately before a game.  The coach is focused on preparing the entire team for the game and does not have time to deal with any significant distractions
  • Wait at least 24 hours to discuss issues that occurred during a game.  These questions or issues tend to be emotionally charged, so it’s recommended to have a cooling off period prior to a productive discussion
  • Find a private place to have the discussion.  Make sure the discussion is not overheard by the players or other parents

Finally, it is the parent’s (or player’s) responsibility to bring the question or concern to the coach prior to elevating it to the WVL Board.  The coach has the right to hear the question or concern first hand, as well as, the opportunity to answer the question or address the concern directly with the parent or player. 

Policy on Minimum Playing Time for Youth Level Players
During the pre-season meeting, the coach will communicate to players and parents what criteria drive coaching decisions about an individual’s playing time.  These criteria may include, but are not limited to:

  • attendance and effort at practice
  • consistently displaying a positive attitude
  • teamwork
  • mental focus during pre-game activities

Players that are in good standing with their coach’s criteria should expect to play at least 25% of the game.  This may vary from game to game, but should average out over the course of a weekend.

Policy on Roster Size for Youth Level Teams
WVL will limit the roster size of youth level teams in order to prevent unnecessary coaching challenges that stem from having teams with too many players (i.e. individual playing time in games).

  • “Open registration” for youth level teams will close at 22 players
  • After 22 players are registered, additional registrations will be “waitlisted”
  • Once the total number of registered and wait listed players reaches 32 players:
    • wait listed players will complete their registration payment
    • the roster will be split into 2 teams
  • In the event that the sum of registered and wait listed players does not reach 32 players:
    • the players from the waitlist will be invited to participate in a  “practice only” capacity
    • if a roster spot opens, players from the waitlist may be added to the roster based on the order in which they were added to the waitlist (first one on the waitlist will be the first one off the waitlist
  • "Wait listed" players may also be added to the roster at the coaches discretion provided:
    • the coach can manage minimum playing time guidelines for all players
    • the wait listed players are added to the roster in the same order they were added on to the waitlist

Refund Policy
Except in the case of rare and extenuating circumstances, the Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse Club has a NO REFUND policy on registrations. An example of an exception to this policy is in the circumstance where a registered participant incurs a season ending injury before the start of the season.