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Rules of the Game

If you are new to the game and have no clue as to how it is played or what the rules may be, have no fear as it is an easy game to understand.  The objective of the game is to advance the ball down the field and put it in the net.  Of course like any other sport there are rules involved.  To learn the rules  you can either;
a) Try to figure them out as you watch/participate.  
b) Ask someone who looks like they might know the rules to explain them to you.  
c) Find the rules on the US Lacrosse website (www.uslacrosse.org), and if available read them there or order a copy of the rule book.

If you like the finer points of rules and want to help out Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse please consider being an Official.  It pays well and is a lot of fun.  To sign up as a Official please contact the Club President from the Contacts page of this website.