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Donations and Fundraising

All monies required to operate The Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse Club at the league level are raised through League Dues.  The League, at times, will apply for grants from different local organizations, which is utilized only to assist low income families to ensure everyone who wants to play has an opportunity to play.

While Division dues cover many expenses incurred at the Division level Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse encourages each Division to pursue donations and fundraising in order to keep their Division dues as low as possible.  Funds raised through donations to, or fundraising efforts by a Division, is held in a separate account for specific use by that Division.

Donations can be made by the participants family at the time of registration or they may be solicited from outside sources.  If you are able to solicite funds from outside sources please use the link below for the income worksheet when submitting those funds.  The form is to be filled out on-line and turned in with the donors funds.  The form allows the user to indicate which Division(s) they wish the funds to be applied.

Fundraising is done through the efforts and coordination of the Division parents, and is implemented through the participation of the players.  It is expected that if a Division puts forth a fundraising effort that all members of that Division actively participate.  Like the donations, income received through fundraising efforts are to be submitted using the income form, accessed through the link below.  Completed forms must indicate the Division to which the funds are to be applied.

Completed forms are to be printed and mailed along with monies collected to:

Wenatchee Valley Lacrosse
Attn:  President
P.O. Box 1133
Wenatchee, WA  98807

or they may be hand delivered to the President

Income Form